Turn To Knovator For The Best-In-Class Manual Testing

Turn To Knovator For The Best-In-Class Manual Testing

Improve the quality assurance process using manual testing from Knovator. In every line of code, unleash excellence and precision with our experienced software testing team.

Accuracy In Manual Testing Made Possible By Knovator

Knovator’s manual testing is accurate, finding even the tiniest of errors to keep your software running perfectly. Your digital assets will be completely secure, making them resistant to threats

Our Capabilities

Giving Quality Assurance More Power With Manual Testing

Detailed Test Planning
Detailed Test Planning

Knovator thoroughly assesses the operation and stability of your program by creating thorough test plans, and our process guarantees a solid, error-free experience, helping you trust your projects completely.

Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Testing
Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Testing

At Knovator, we understand the diverse digital landscape. Our manual testing experts evaluate your software across various platforms and browsers, ensuring a consistent and flawless user experience everywhere.

Usability Testing
Usability Testing

Our usability testing focuses on the end-user’s journey, ensuring intuitive navigation, clear interfaces, and seamless interaction with your software. We focus on the user’s perspective to guarantee a delightful experience.

Regression Testing
Regression Testing

Every time you update or modify your software, our regression testing ensures that existing functionalities remain intact and perform optimally, safeguarding against unintended issues.

Compliance and Security Testing
Compliance and Security Testing

In a world of ever-evolving threats and regulations, Knovator stands as your shield. Our manual testers delve deep into your software, ensuring it adheres to industry standards & regulations.

Performance Testing
Performance Testing

Knovator’s performance testing evaluates your software under various conditions, ensuring it remains responsive, efficient, and reliable, even under stress or high traffic.


Make Your Software Completely Reliable

Assurance of Reliability

Knovator guarantees improved software dependability, ensuring perfect user interactions at all times.

Enhanced cost-effectiveness
With manual testing from Knovator, you can maximize your budget without sacrificing the quality of your product.
Timely Product Release
We guarantee secure and timely product releases with a streamlined testing process leaving no stone unturned.
Increased confidence
By providing the best manual testing service that fosters loyalty and trust, Knovator increases your confidence and ensures continued success.
Our Projects

Companies We've Supported

Our Indonesia-based client faced a significant challenge trying to upskill all their teachers to become Microsoft Certified Educators (MCE). We provided a comprehensive and innovative tech-based platform to streamline the upskilling process.

Our custom LMS solutions are knows to create a learning paradise for the course providers and students alike. Here’s a case study of how one of our clients elevated the way they taught their students!

We revolutionized question bank preparation for the client, saving teachers time and effort with our innovative digital solution. Discover our impressive results in this case study.

The client had the vision to provide affordable education to students across India. We shaped their concept into a bespoke e-learning platform tailored to their very needs.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop a mobile app

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