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We specialize in creating tech-savvy solutions that streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding. Our expertise in web, mobile, and software development ensures a seamless, efficient hiring experience. By aligning our cutting-edge solutions with your business goals, we empower you to attract top talent effortlessly.

Unlock the Future of Hiring with Knovator—Where Innovation Meets Talent.

Revolutionize the recruitment industry with our tailor-made, tech-driven solutions that simplify and optimize the entire hiring process. Leveraging our expertise in web and mobile development, we create platforms that automate sourcing, screening, and onboarding.

Industry challenges

Recruitment Roadblocks

Niche Talent Shortage
Niche Talent Shortage

Organizations often struggle to find candidates with specialized skills and expertise required for particular roles, impacting a company’s overall productivity and competitiveness.

Monetization Issues of Recruitment Firms
Monetization Issues of Recruitment Firms

Recruitment firms face challenges in monetizing their services effectively, which can impact their sustainability and ability to connect organizations with suitable candidates.

Candidate Matching
Candidate Matching

Candidate matching remains challenging as inaccuracies in matching the right candidate with the appropriate role can lead to poor hiring outcomes and a high employee turnover. AI can help enhance the overall efficiency of the hiring process.

Our Services

Full cycle healthcare software development

Mobile App Development

Get Innovative mobile experiences Beyond Imagination With Knovator.

Web App Development

Ideas Meet Innovation With Knovator’s Perfect Web App Development

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Optimize Your Software’s Core For Outstanding Performance With Knovator’s Careful Testing

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Job Board Platforms
Job Board Platforms

We offer intuitive, scalable solutions that connect employers and top talent. Featuring smart algorithms, real-time analytics, and seamless HR integration, our platform aligns with your business goals to revolutionize recruitment.

Application Tracking System
Application Tracking System

Our data-driven Application Tracking System Streamlines your hiring process. From resume parsing to interview scheduling, our ATS automates it all. Enjoy real-time analytics, seamless HR integration, and customizable workflows. Completely transform the way you recruit!

Resume Matching AI
Resume Matching AI

Our Resume Matching AI solution revolutionizes recruitment by automating the tedious task of sifting through resumes. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, our solution scans resumes and matches them against job descriptions with unparalleled accuracy.

Our Projects

Businesses We've Supported

Our custom job board development solution landed the students of our skilling and reskilling course providing client across the right industry. And, here’s the whole story!

India’s leading non-profit industry association, NASSCOM, had quite a few issues due to its manual procedures & offline approach.

Our team's expertise in the recruitment industry allows us to deliver a custom website portal that meets our client's expectations and requirements, streamlining the recruitment process effectively.


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When you choose our services, we guarantee an unparalleled experience. Every detail is crafted carefully to meet your specific needs. We don’t just deliver solutions; we deliver precisely what you require, and that’s a promise you can count on!

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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

An Applicant Tracking System is a software platform that streamlines the hiring process. It automates tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate tracking, allowing recruiters to focus on quality interactions with candidates.

AI technologies such as (NLP) natural language processing and machine learning can automate and optimize various recruitment tasks. From intelligent resume matching to predictive analytics, AI can make the hiring process more efficient and data-driven.

Resume parsing is the automated extraction of candidate information from resumes. It helps recruiters quickly sort through large volumes of applications, identifying the most relevant candidates based on specific criteria like skills or experience.

Real-time analytics provide instant insights into key performance indicators like time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and candidate engagement. This data helps recruiters make informed decisions, optimizing the recruitment process for better outcomes.

Yes, most modern job board platforms offer seamless integration with existing HR systems. This allows for a unified data flow, making it easier to manage candidate information and streamline the entire recruitment process.