Problem statement of the client

Inefficient Database Management
The client was struggling to manage a vast amount of candidate data, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in tracking information. Without a streamlined system in place, it was time-consuming and challenging to manage and organize candidate data effectively.
Manual Application Tracking
Managing applications manually posed a significant challenge for the client. They needed a solution to track candidate progress in real-time, as manual tracking resulted in delays in the recruitment process and potential loss of qualified candidates.


Our detailed 3 step methodology helped solve all of the client’s problems:

research - Knovator Technologies

After meeting with them, our team thoroughly understood the problems and business model of the client. We intensely researched competitors such as Recruitx, TalentNow, etc. to identify existing solutions. We elaborately analyzed and brainstormed their requirements.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

After understanding the client’s requirements, our design and development team created mock-ups of potential solutions. They were presented with a basic design layout to address and resolve their issues.

lunch - Knovator Technologies
Development and Launch

The recruitment software was enhanced with exceptional features to increase efficiency and user-friendliness. These features enabled candidates to search and apply for jobs quickly. At the same time, the admin panel could seamlessly filter and email suitable candidates to companies through an automated step-by-step recruitment process.


We used advanced tech and tools to craft a dynamic website for the client. We aimed to deliver a seamless user experience with solid functionality and an engaging interface. Our expertise and innovative approach led us to surpass client expectations and boost their business success.


Using market research and a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, we developed a user-centric website. Our solution provided seamless functionality for candidates and operators, optimizing their operations and delivering practical solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the solution part.

Tatkal jobs ss 1 - Knovator Technologies
Tatkal jobs ss 2 - Knovator Technologies
Tatkal jobs ss 3 - Knovator Technologies
For Application Tracking System (ATS)
We created an advanced ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that empowered the client to effortlessly manage candidates, clients, and the entire recruitment process. Our solution streamlined the flow, enabling seamless job posting, candidate screening, interview scheduling, and client management. The system provided real-time application tracking, simplifying the recruitment journey for our client.
Tatkal jobs ss 4 - Knovator Technologies
Tatkal jobs ss 5 - Knovator Technologies
Tatkal jobs ss 6 - Knovator Technologies
For Automated tool system
We developed an innovative automated tool that replaced the client's reliance on mail and phone numbers with their own email and phone number. This game-changing tool enabled the client to effortlessly send automated emails and messages to both clients and candidates, eliminating the hassle of manual communication. Moreover, the system meticulously recorded and tracked all communication history, providing a seamless overview of the entire recruitment process.


Our expert solutions and expertise have delivered significant outcomes for the client. Through a combination of advanced technologies and strategic implementations, the client experienced improved work efficiency, an increased customer base, and enhanced flexibility. Let’s explore the achievements that Knovator helped the client accomplish:
Improved Work Efficiency
By implementing an online database management system, Knovator enabled better organization and management of candidate and client information. This streamlined workflow resulted in improved work efficiency and productivity for the client’s team.
Increased Customer Base
Knovator’s web-based solutions played a pivotal role in expanding the client’s customer base. With more efficient processes and enhanced user experience, the client witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in customers, translating into significant revenue growth.
Enhanced Flexibility
Knovator’s solutions empowered the client with the flexibility to work from anywhere. By leveraging web-based technologies, the client gained the ability to conduct business operations seamlessly, irrespective of geographical constraints, thereby increasing overall feasibility and convenience.