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Connect your association members with exclusive opportunities and drive non-dues revenue effortlessly!

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How does Job Board for Communities and Associations Work?

Start your community job board application with a few clicks
Revenue Generation for Associations

Unlock new revenue streams by offering premium job posting options to employers.

Match your audience with exclusive jobs
Enhanced Member Engagement

Keep members engaged and connected through a dynamic job board platform.

Let employers tap into your niche community
Member-Centric Job Opportunities

Facilitate access to exclusive job listings tailored for your association’s members.

Match your audience with exclusive jobs
Customizable and Brand-Aligned Platform

Create a job board that resonates with your association’s brand and member needs.

How much can you earn with Knovator’s job board software?

Average job price
Revenue processed
Average time to profitability
2 mo
Average job to profitability
2.2 Jobs
Estimate what you could make with knovator
$ per month

Create a frictionless experience for brand empowerment

Activate additional value for your community members
Build SaaS brand

Increase the visibility of the SaaS brand with a customized job board and increase overall growth.

Discover unlimited possibilities for your association
Redefine D2C Hiring

Attract the right talent with a job board tailored for D2C recruitment needs.

Build relationships within your community
Revamp Real Estate Hiring

Make targeted recruitment for real estate easier with a personalized job board.

Revolutionize Your Association's Value with Our Job Board Solutions!

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Words from Our Satisfied Association Partners

Pranav Brahmbhatt

Pranav Brahmbhatt

The solution has saved the partner's time and allows them to easily manage their database. Knovator Technologies is responsive and makes themself available for around-the-clock support. They're communicative, attentive to requirement details, and treat the partner with genuine, familial-like care.

Shailesh Chaudhari

Shailesh Chaudhari

Knovator delivered a functional platform that has garnered nearly 40,000 subscribers in just four months, which internal stakeholders note is particularly impressive for India. The team adhered to the budget and often outpaced time estimates. They provided daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

Natacha DE VADAS

Natacha DE VADAS

It was a pleasure to work with Knovator. They were hired to update my website and he did extensive research on the industry that I am in. He even took the persona of a prospective customer and asked questions that I had not thought of. Very refreshing. He is trustworthy and reliable does what he says he will do. Thanks to Upwork too, I have been looking for a Web Designer for months and could not find one that had the energy and enthusiasm for what my business.

Rushabh Sheth

Rushabh Sheth

We have been working with Knovator for the last one year and their team is extremely talented. They take ownership of the project and deliver on time. They maintain very good communication throughout and have a very collaborative approach to building new technology. We see them as an extension of our team and we are very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a talented and dedicated tech partner.

Mayank Soni

Mayank Soni

Knovator Technologies developed and delivered the project according to the client’s proposed timeline. They had a smooth workflow and utilized communication tools to improve contact. The team fulfilled all of the client’s expectations.

Priyanka Bisht

Priyanka Bisht

Senior Program Manager - NASSCOM

The job board delivery was spot-on in terms of timeline. The communication throughout the project was excellent. The team kept us informed at every step of the process, ensuring that we were always in the loop and aware of the progress being made.

General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

Our job board helps associations increase member engagement, generate non-dues revenue, and provide valuable career opportunities to members.

Absolutely! We offer customizable solutions to align the job board with your association’s unique culture and branding.

The job board caters to a wide range of industries, allowing associations to post job listings that are relevant to their members’ professional fields.