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Industry challenges

Education Industry Roadblocks

Asynschronous assessments options
Asynschronous assessments options

There’s the need for options that allow users to take assessments remotely when convenient to them from anywhere instead of physical assessments.

Time zone differences
Time zone differences

Users may reside in different time zones, which make communication a challenge. There’s a need to streamline this and enable users to telecommute easily.

Features of assessment platforms

Exploring the Key Features of Assessment Platforms

Automatic Grading new img - Knovator
Automatic Grading

Our assessment platforms offer error-free automatic grading that helps get it done faster and reduces stress.

Remote Accessibility new imges - Knovator
Remote Accessibility

Users can take the assessment from anywhere comfortably despite different geographical locations and time zones.

Proctored & Secure Assessments

Knovator’s assessment platform provides features like remote proctoring, plagiarism checks, and authentication to ensure no malpractice is involved.

Secure and reliable assessment platforms

Assessment App Development Features

Assessment Authoring
Assessment Authoring

We provide tools to create and format assessments that let users add questions, set the formats and specify time limit for answering.

Question Bank
Question Bank

Our platform has a collection of different question formats ranging from multiple-choice to essay type that can be used for assessments.

Question Customization
Question Customization

Our platform offers easy customization of questions for assessments. Users can add images, videos, levels of difficulty and question tags.

Scheduling Assessments
Scheduling Assessments

With our platform, users can set the dates for assessments and the last day for completion.

Scoring and Grading
Scoring and Grading

Our platform enables automated scoring of multiple-choice questions and houses handy tools for grading essays along with options to get feedback.

Data Security
Data Security

There are data security features that help safeguard confidential student information and the content of assessments taken.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the assessment platform

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General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

An Assessment Platform is digital software designed for educators to create, administer, and evaluate tests, quizzes, and assignments, streamlining the assessment process.

Educators can easily design diverse assessments, track student progress, and analyze performance data, allowing targeted instruction and enhancing teaching effectiveness.

Absolutely. Our Assessment Platform supports various assessment formats, from multiple-choice questions to open-ended assignments, catering to diverse learning objectives.

Students receive timely feedback, identify areas needing improvement, and gain a clearer understanding of their strengths, aiding self-directed learning and growth.

Yes, our Assessment Platform prioritizes data security. Student information and assessment data are encrypted, and robust privacy measures are in place to safeguard confidentiality.