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Technology Revamping Industries

The Future Of Education Elearning Industry 1 - Knovator

The education industry has seen a massive change in 2020 after a sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. All learning institutions like elearning solutions company and others have had to introduce

how ai is changing the e learning industry 1 1 - Knovator

The E-learning industry being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world is making full use of Artificial Intelligence to improve their services. AI-based E-learning platforms offer a better o

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Have you ever wondered how to make learning as exciting as your favorite game? Gamification can do that for you.  Without gamification, you might struggle to keep the interest of learners alive whi

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Did you know that companies that manage their talented people are more likely to do better financially? They're about 2.2 times more likely to be ahead of their competitors in making money. In toda

Top 9 Types of Motivation To Achieve Goals At The Workplace - Knovator

There is a motivation behind every goal that is set. And one can achieve any goal with the right amount of motivation. Whether you work in a company and want to do better or you're in charge of a team

Health Care
HIMSS Impact Benefits and Role in Healthcare - Knovator

Today, we're diving into the world of HIMSS, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. This pivotal organization is driving the digital transformation of healthcare, shaping policies,

5. Image 1 scaled 1 - Knovator

OPD - The Outpatient Department serves as a gateway to the patient's journey through your hospital's care system. It's the first touch point, where symptoms are assessed and the seed of trust is e

Featured Image AR in Healthcare Top 10 Use Cases Advantages - Knovator

Technology is changing many industries, including healthcare. 80% of healthcare providers want to invest in technology and digital solutions. One technology, Augmented Reality (AR), is making big chan

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Adding a touch of technology

Digital transformation
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Want to give your solution the Midas touch in this digital era? Knovator is just what you need to give your business a makeover and join the technology bandwagon. Rest assured, and transform your solution.

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Mobile App Development
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Craft Exceptional Mobile Experiences with Knovator’s Mobile App Development Services and drive your vision forward. Empower your brand and transform ideas into sleek, engaging apps that captivate and connect.

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Web App development
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We specialize in crafting scalable, high-performance web applications that drive business success. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we’ll turn your vision into a user-friendly, secure, and robust web solution.

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Dedicated Resource
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Our Talent-as-a-Service solutions will connect you with top-tier experts tailored to your project needs, ensuring seamless integration. From tech to creative fields, our professionals can accelerate your business goals while providing flexibility and quality.

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Cloud operations
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Optimize your cloud journey with our expert cloud operations services. We provide end-to-end solutions for cloud management, security, and automation. At Knovator, we ensure your cloud infrastructure is efficient, scalable, and secure to focus on innovation and growth.

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Generative AI development
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Our company specializes in creating intelligent, self-learning algorithms that generate content, automate tasks and drive innovation. From natural language processing to data analytics, our AI solutions will elevate your business in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Our Projects

Companies We've Transformed

Through a comprehensive approach, our team addressed the problems faced by the client, enabling the client to provide accessible and user-friendly financial services to their uneducated customers.

Our Indonesia-based client faced a significant challenge trying to upskill all their teachers to become Microsoft Certified Educators (MCE). We provided a comprehensive and innovative tech-based platform to streamline the upskilling process.

Our custom job board development solution landed the students of our skilling and reskilling course providing client across the right industry. And, here’s the whole story!

Our custom LMS solutions are knows to create a learning paradise for the course providers and students alike. Here’s a case study of how one of our clients elevated the way they taught their students!

The healthcare industry has seen an unprecedented shift towards remote healthcare solutions, mainly due to the COVID-19 outspread. The client wanted to leverage this by developing an efficient healthcare solution to offer patients the convenience of seeking remote consultations from physicians.

This case study outlines how Knovator helped the client reduce the time and cost of frequent visits for essential medical services among elderly patients. By implementing an electronic health record (EHR) integration system, patients and doctors could manage medical histories more efficiently.


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