Problem statement of the client

Digital Transformation
The client struggled with manual question bank preparation- time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Delays in delivering quality learning materials to students became a challenge. They sought a digital solution to streamline the process, saving teachers time and effort.


To develop an innovative digital solution for the client’s offline question bank preparation, Knovator followed a structured process that included extensive research, creating mock-ups of the proposed solution, and launching the platform. Let’s take a closer look at each step of the process.

research - Knovator Technologies

We conducted extensive research to understand the client existing offline process for the question bank preparation. They identified the challenges faced by teachers and students and the pain points of the traditional approach. Based on this research, we can pinpoint the areas that need improvement.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

We created mock-ups of the proposed digital solution using the insights gathered during the research phase. These mock-ups helped to visualize the solution and allowed for feedback and refinement.

lunch - Knovator Technologies

We can successfully launch the digital platform to streamline the question bank preparation process for teachers, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution for the client.

Technology involved

We utilized the following technologies for a comprehensive digital solution that offers a seamless experience for teachers and students, making it easier to manage the question bank preparation process and deliver quality learning materials.


We crafted a cutting-edge digital platform to revolutionize offline question bank preparation for our client. This comprehensive solution transformed the way they approached question paper creation. Our platform offered a range of powerful features, empowering teachers to efficiently curate, organize, and customize question banks according to their requirements.

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For Admin

Our platform provides administrators with extensive control over mediums, standards, subjects, question banks, and paper styles. They have access to comprehensive reports, including visitor data and payment information. We integrated BigBlueButton, an open-source platform, enabling administrators to effortlessly manage live courses and tests, ensuring seamless delivery of learning materials.

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For Teachers

Our platform revolutionizes the teaching experience by empowering educators with cutting-edge tools. Teachers can effortlessly manage blogs and curate custom paper sets from a vast repository of over 8000 high-quality questions. This enables them to create engaging and tailored learning materials that resonate with their students' needs, ensuring a dynamic and effective classroom environment.

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For Admin

We prioritize students' learning journey by providing easy access to a diverse range of learning resources. Through our platform, students can explore comprehensive PDFs, engaging blogs, and interactive doubt-clearing sessions. This immersive approach fosters a deeper understanding of the subjects, encourages active participation, and ignites a passion for continuous learning. Our goal is to help students thrive academically and beyond.


The client achieved significant results in various areas with the help of our expert solution.
Questions added :
We went above and beyond by adding a whopping 8000 questions to the question bank, giving teachers a wide range of options to create engaging and diverse paper sets for their students.
Paper styles :
To unleash creativity, we offered teachers a selection of 16 unique paper styles, allowing them to design captivating question papers that catered to different learning preferences and styles.
Teachers :
We seamlessly supported teachers, resulting in the successful onboarding of 158 dedicated educators. Our platform empowered them to effortlessly generate customized paper sets, manage their own blogs, and embrace a more efficient and engaging teaching approach.
Students :
With 1600 enthusiastic students onboard, our platform provided an immersive e-learning experience through interactive PDFs and engaging blogs. We also fostered a supportive environment with doubt-clearing sessions, ensuring students had the resources they needed to excel.
Learning points for students :
Our platform featured an impressive collection of 40 comprehensive learning points, enabling students to explore a wide range of essential topics and gain a well-rounded education that went beyond the classroom.
Total posts in the system :
Our vibrant platform witnessed a total of 90 captivating posts, including informative blogs, meticulously crafted paper sets, and interactive doubt-clearing sessions, making learning an exciting and dynamic journey for all.