Problem statement of the client

Our client, a leading travel company, faced a significant challenge with the speed and reliability of their current system, impacting their ability to serve customers effectively. Our experts address this for a solution that would improve the performance of their flight booking system and integrate other travel GDS. Let’s take a closer look at the problems Anuj Mittal faced.

Anuj Mittal had been grappling with the slow and unreliable performance of their previous system, leading to frustratingly long search and booking times that negatively impacted customer satisfaction. To overcome this hurdle, our team undertook a comprehensive reengineering process, optimizing the system’s architecture and enhancing its speed and reliability.
Recognizing the importance of providing a seamless and comprehensive travel experience, Anuj Mittal approached us with the objective of integrating additional travel Global Distribution Systems (GDS). By successfully integrating these GDS, we were able to expand their inventory and offer customers a wider range of travel options, elevating their overall travel booking experience.
Understanding the critical need for an efficient and robust system, we undertook a thorough reengineering initiative for Anuj Mittal’s existing platform. Our team revamped the system’s infrastructure, introducing advanced technologies and implementing streamlined processes, resulting in significant improvements in speed, reliability, and overall performance.


Our team at Knovator worked closely with the client to provide a solution that addressed their issues with speed and reliability while also integrating additional travel GDS.

research - Knovator Technologies

Our team conducted extensive research to understand the root cause of the client’s issues with speed and reliability. We analyzed the existing system and identified areas for improvement. We also investigated the latest trends in the travel industry to ensure our solution was up-to-date and competitive.

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Once we clearly understood the problem and the latest industry trends, we began designing a solution. Our team created mockups of the new system, taking into account user experience and feedback from Anuj Mittal. These mockups gave us a clear picture of the final product before moving on to development.

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After the design phase was completed, we began developing the new system. Our team leveraged the latest technologies, including Node and React, to create a fast and reliable platform seamlessly integrated with travel GDS. We rigorously tested the system to ensure that it met all of the client’s requirements before launching it.

Technology involved

Our team harnessed a powerful combination of cutting-edge technologies to deliver a robust and innovative solution for this project. By leveraging a blend of advanced tools and frameworks, we ensured a seamless and efficient development process, resulting in a highly functional and user-friendly solution for our client.


After addressing the client’s problem thoroughly, our experts developed innovative solutions that improved the performance of their flight booking system and integrate other travel GDS. Let’s take a closer look at the solution part.

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For Reengineered their current system
At Knovator, our team took on the task of rebuilding the existing system from the ground up. We carefully analyzed and addressed each pain point, ensuring that the new system would be more efficient and user-friendly, delivering a seamless experience.
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For Enhanced system architecture
Our experts focused on developing a robust and scalable architecture that could accommodate the growing traffic. By optimizing the code and improving the database design, we ensured better performance and a more reliable platform.
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For Integrated GDS for flight search and booking
To enhance the travel portal's functionality, we seamlessly integrated additional travel GDS. This integration not only provided users with a superior flight search experience but also boosted the system's reliability and overall performance.
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For Achieved results
Our tailored solutions yielded impressive outcomes. The search speed of the system experienced a remarkable 60% improvement, reducing the average time from 7 seconds to a mere 3 seconds. This significant enhancement translated into a superior user experience and a higher influx of satisfied customers.
Flightstravel ss 3 - Knovator Technologies
For Improved search speed
With our implemented solutions, the search speed for flight bookings saw a notable improvement. Users experienced a 60% reduction in search time, allowing them to rapidly find and book their desired flights. This optimization played a pivotal role in elevating the user experience, fostering customer satisfaction, and driving increased platform engagement.


After implementing the solution, remarkable results were achieved, particularly in reducing flight search speed on the portal. Let’s delve into the achieved outcomes.
Improved Search Speed
The implemented solution successfully improved the search speed, achieving a remarkable 60% reduction in search time compared to the previous system. Users experienced faster results, with search queries displaying within just 3 seconds. This significant enhancement greatly enhanced the overall user experience and efficiency of the system.