Problem statement of the client

As an organization committed to improving the quality of education, it was important for the client to upskill their teachers to become Microsoft Certified Educators. However, they faced some significant challenges.

Absence of Standardization
The client encountered significant difficulties due to a lack of uniformity in their upskilling process. The absence of standardized training protocols meant varied learning experiences, which ultimately affected the consistency and quality of their educators becoming Microsoft Certified.
Limited Access To Learning Resources
Another major hurdle was the scarce availability of relevant educational resources. Limited access hindered the teachers’ learning journey, restricting their ability to prepare effectively for the Microsoft Certified Educator certification, thus compromising the overall upskilling objective.


Our three-step process ensured that the solution was customized to meet the specific needs of the client and the target audience and was delivered on time and within budget.

research - Knovator Technologies

We conducted extensive research to understand the requirements of the upskilling process and the target audience. This involved gathering information on the Microsoft Certified Educator program, analyzing the current skill levels of teachers in Indonesia, and identifying the gaps in their knowledge.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

We created detailed mockups based on the research findings. This involved designing the user interface, creating wireframes, and developing prototypes to test the solution’s functionality. The mockups were reviewed and refined until they provided an optimal user experience for learners and administrators.

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Once the mockups were approved, we began developing using technologies such as Node, React, and Flutter. The solution was rigorously tested and optimized for performance, usability, and security. Finally, the solution was launched to the client, and the upskilling process began.

Technology involved

We used a combination of different technologies to achieve an intelligent solution for the client. Here’s a breakdown of each technology and how they were used in the project:


The client was determined to transform teachers in Indonesia into Microsoft Certified Educators. To assist in this mission, we provided a comprehensive tech solution. Our platform streamlined the upskilling pathway, clearly defining the journey from start to finish. Moreover, our solution facilitated effortless process management, eliminating operational hurdles and fostering a more conducive learning environment.

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For Three-Staged Upskilling Process

The upskilling process has three stages: skill assessment, course assignment, and training. Our platform offers a comprehensive skill assessment to identify areas requiring improvement for MCE certification. Based on the assessment, teachers are recommended relevant courses to enhance their skills. Additionally, the platform provides training sessions led by MCE-certified trainers, enabling teachers to acquire the necessary skills for MCE certification.

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For An Admin To Track Activities

The platform empowers administrators with seamless management capabilities. They can maintain control over the system, accessing comprehensive reports on the upskilling process to track progress and pinpoint areas for improvement. Administrators have the authority to add learners and teachers, initiating the upskilling journey. They can also monitor learners' progress and extend support, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.

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For Learners

Learners now have the ability to monitor their progress throughout the upskilling process, offering valuable feedback to enhance their learning experience. Through assessments, they receive personalized course recommendations. They can easily track their journey, ensuring they stay on course to achieve their certification, empowering them to actively engage in their upskilling and achieve their goals.


Our comprehensive solution met all of client’s needs and allowed them to transform the lives of over 5,000 teachers across Indonesia.
70% Higher Completion Rate
The comprehensive platform enabled efficient progress tracking of learners, providing personalized course recommendations based on their skill assessments. As a result, the platform achieved a 70% higher completion rate, empowering learners to successfully finish their courses and become a effective Microsoft Certified Educator.
A Revolutionary Change In The Education System
The upskilling of 5,000 teachers has had a profound impact on the quality of education in Indonesia. These educators now possess essential digital skills, enabling them to enrich their students’ learning experience and effectively embrace technology in the classroom, resulting in a significant improvement in overall educational quality.