Problem statement of the client

The client, Docsumo, faced several challenges in the field of data extraction and mapping. Let’s delve into the problems they encountered:

Inefficient Data Extraction
The client experienced significant challenges in extracting valuable data from unstructured sources due to the absence of an efficient solution. This resulted in time-consuming and error-prone processes, hampering productivity and hindering their ability to leverage data for business insights.
Manual Data Mapping
The client encountered challenges in mapping extracted data to desired fields. The lack of automation resulted in manual efforts, error risks, and slowed data processing. This hampered operational efficiency and optimization of extracted data utilization.
Lack of Automation
The client faced limitations from manual data extraction and mapping. The absence of automation hindered productivity and scalability, requiring manual intervention and consuming resources. Meeting customer demands and handling larger data volumes became challenging without streamlined tools and workflows.


Our approach to addressing Docsumo’s challenges involved three key steps: research, mockups, and development and launch.

research - Knovator Technologies

In order to develop an effective solution, we conducted thorough research to gain insights into data extraction and mapping processes. We explored existing tools and methodologies to understand their strengths and limitations. This research formed the basis for our proposed solution, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in addressing the client’s needs.

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Utilizing the research findings, we crafted comprehensive mockups that visually depicted the user interface and functionality of the data extraction and mapping tool. Through iterative refinements, we tailored the mockups to align with the client’s specific requirements, ensuring an optimal user experience.

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Development and Launch

Using React, a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces, we developed the front-end tool for data mapping. This tool integrated with Docsumo’s existing AI and ML capabilities, enabling seamless data extraction and mapping processes. After rigorous testing and optimization, the tool was launched, marking a significant milestone in the client’s journey.

Technologies Used

Our team leveraged advanced technologies to create a powerful data extraction and mapping tool for our client. Through the integration of intelligent algorithms and efficient frameworks, we optimized the process, enhancing productivity and data accuracy. The result was a streamlined workflow and improved operational efficiency for the client.


Our innovative solution revolutionized the way data extraction and mapping were done for the client. We streamlined and automated the entire process by leveraging advanced OCR technology, intelligent algorithms, and a user-friendly interface. The result was improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity for the client, enabling them to handle large volumes of data seamlessly.

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For Advanced Data Extraction
We leveraged AI and ML technologies, specifically OCR, to extract data from unstructured sources precisely and efficiently. By implementing advanced algorithms and automation, we eliminated manual efforts and improved the accuracy of data extraction. The client experienced streamlined workflows, reduced errors, and increased productivity due to our solution.
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For Streamlined Data Mapping
Our user-friendly front-end tool simplified the data mapping process, enabling clients to seamlessly map extracted data to desired fields. Our solution streamlined operations and improved data accuracy by eliminating manual efforts and reducing errors. The intuitive interface and automated functionalities enhanced productivity and efficiency, resulting in significant time and resource savings for the client.
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For Automation and Scalability
The integration of automation capabilities enabled improved productivity and scalability for the client. By automating repetitive tasks, the tool streamlined operations minimized manual intervention, and optimized resource allocation. This resulted in increased efficiency and the ability to handle larger data volumes, effectively meeting their customers' growing demands.


Our solution delivered exceptional outcomes for the client, significantly transforming their operations and driving remarkable success.
Seed Capital Funding
Through our solution, the client secured $3.5 million in seed capital funding from renowned investors, including Fifth Wall, Arbor Realty Trust, and Better Capital. This significant funding validates the efficacy and potential of their data extraction tool, further propelling their growth and success.
Enhanced Data Extraction
By implementing our solution, the client experienced enhanced accuracy and efficiency in data extraction from unstructured sources, substantially improving their overall data processing capabilities. This allowed the client to streamline their operations and unlock greater value from their extracted data, empowering them to make informed business decisions confidently.
Streamlined Data Mapping
Our client benefited from the streamlined data mapping process facilitated by the front-end tool, resulting in reduced manual efforts and minimized errors. This significant improvement led to increased productivity and enhanced data accuracy, enabling the client to make informed decisions with confidence and optimize their operations effectively.