Innovating Education: Upskilling Teachers in Indonesia with Tech-based Solutions
06 October, 2023

Our Indonesia-based client faced a significant challenge trying to upskill all their teachers to become Microsoft Certified Educators (MCE). We provided a comprehensive and innovative tech-based platform to streamline the upskilling process.

Enhancing Learning and Development through Streamlined Assessments and Personalized Learning Paths
05 October, 2023

Our custom LMS solutions are knows to create a learning paradise for the course providers and students alike. Here’s a case study of how one of our clients elevated the way they taught their students!

Revolutionizing Offline Question Bank Prep with Digital Solution
27 April, 2023

We revolutionized question bank preparation for the client, saving teachers time and effort with our innovative digital solution. Discover our impressive results in this case study.

A Tailor-Made e-Learning Platform Catering To All Your LMS Requirements
10 August, 2021

The client had the vision to provide affordable education to students across India. We shaped their concept into a bespoke e-learning platform tailored to their very needs.