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Features of Application Tracking System

Exploring Key Features of Application Tracking Systems

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Candidate & Job Database Management

Our ATS efficiently handles candidate & job data. A powerful database helps store, search, and access candidate profiles & job listings with precision. There are advanced search & filter options, integrated resume parsing & CV extraction.

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Customizable Workflows

Knovator’s ATS offers customizable workflows. There are recruitment stages & statuses that match the workflow of agencies, along with alerts set up for each stage & tailored templates for various job openings.

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Communication & Collaboration Tools

Knovator’s ATS enables communication with candidates and partners through built-in email & chat, along with features to enable teamwork. There are email templates to send alerts, interview invites & progress updates.

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Application Tracking System app development features

Candidate Database
Candidate Database

Our system efficiently stores and categorizes candidate profiles using robust search and filter methods. You can classify candidates by expertise, experience & suitability to the role.

Client and Candidate Portals
Client and Candidate Portals

Our ATS equips clients with a dedicated portal to review job vacancies and curated candidate lists. Candidates can improve their profiles, monitor application progress, and get timely alerts.

Interview Scheduling
Interview Scheduling

With Knovator’s ATS, interview and meeting scheduling between clients and candidates is simple. It is easy to integrate with calendar tools to prevent double-booking.

Billing & Invoicing
Billing & Invoicing

Our ATS enables overseeing the agency’s billing process and invoice creation for services rendered. Generating invoices and monitoring payment records is seamless.

Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Knovator’s ATS helps create insightful reports on recruitment indicators like placements & client satisfaction. It is easy to study patterns with the help of analytics.

Automation & AI Backing
Automation & AI Backing

Our ATS enables AI-powered candidate matching & scoring to find ideal profiles. Automate repetitive tasks such as resume parsing & screening candidates.

Data Protection & Compliance
Data Protection & Compliance

We make sure we comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA & keep track of data access & actions of users.

Sync with Job Boards
Sync with Job Boards

Our solution helps post job vacancies across multiple job boards and social networks effortlessly. Automation makes it easy to fetch candidate applications from listings on job boards.

Collaboration Options
Collaboration Options

Collaboration is easy among the agency’s teammates with the help of comments, & feedback on the applicants & vacancies.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the Application Tracking System for you

Reach out to us

  • Searching for a robust assessment platform? Look no further than Knovator Technologies. We excel in transforming recruitment concepts into reality.

Understand & Evaluate Idea

  • We understand and analyze your idea
  • creating a strategic workflow

Sign NDA & Contract

  • Upon signing the NDA and contract
  • our team will promptly start your software development.

Prepare Plan

  • Includes estimates,
  • budgeting,
  • and strategic planning for your innovative digital learning

Start Working

  • After you finalize the contract
  • we’ll start working and bring your vision to life.

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General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

An ATS is software that streamlines recruitment by automating job posting, resume screening, candidate tracking, and interview scheduling.

ATS simplifies hiring, centralizing candidate data, improving collaboration among teams, and enhancing efficiency in sourcing and managing talent.

Yes, our ATS seamlessly integrates with popular job boards, automating job posting and applications to reach a wider pool of candidates.

Absolutely. Our ATS parses resumes, extracting relevant information, and populating candidate profiles, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.

Yes, our ATS prioritizes data security. Candidate information is encrypted and complies with privacy regulations to safeguard confidential information throughout the recruitment process.