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About Talent Connect Portal for NASSCOM

How NASSCOM simplyfied candidate matching with Talent Connect

NASSCOM - Talent Connect Portal

Our company’s expertise in the recruitment industry enabled us to build a web portal – Talent Connect for NASSCOM that changes how it functions, thereby introducing better ways to connect employer with trained candidate. Let’s hop on to a journey to discover our client’s transformation.



Company Size

100-500 Employees

Service We Provide
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Problem statement of the client

India’s leading non-profit industry association, NASSCOM, had quite a few issues due to its manual procedures & offline approach.

Career Fair Reach

Reaching out to the maximum number of people is crucial for any organization conducting career fairs. However, our client’s career fairs have a lesser reach as they have been conducted offline in remote areas of the country.

Candidate Matching

The major challenge faced by the client was the inability to connect the right candidates to the appropriate employers. This was because they followed tedious manual procedures for candidate matching.

Compliance with policies

Another challenge was that any proposed solution had to comply with the QP (Qualification Pack) & NoS (National Occupational Standards) system, ensuring alignment with government regulations and policies.

Compliance with policies

Another challenge was that any proposed solution had to comply with the QP (Qualification Pack) & NoS (National Occupational Standards) system, ensuring alignment with government regulations and policies.

The Process

Here are the steps we followed to resolve the issues faced by the client:

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After connecting with the client, our team delved deep into understanding the client’s challenges and business framework. We conducted comprehensive research on the latest trends in the recruitment world, followed by a meticulous analysis and brainstorming session based on the client’s needs.

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After gaining a complete understanding of the client’s requirements, our team stepped in to create a mock-up of the possible solutions. We presented them with a basic design outline to overcome the client’s challenges.

Development and Launch

Our development team developed the web portal – Talent Connect with all the features. The solution involves the use of AI for perfect candidate matching with gamification to motivate candidates to complete certificate courses. There is also the provision to upload bulk candidates.

Technologies Used

Our team has used the latest technology to bring this project to life. We created an effective and robust web portal for the client that was way beyond their expectations and performed well with the help of the following:


Next.js is a renowned framework built atop React.js, aimed at streamlining the development of server-rendered React applications. Next.js offers integrated server-side rendering, ensuring enhanced performance and SEO benefits. Additionally, it supports static site generation, which is optimal for pages that don’t require real-time data fetching. A distinct feature is its automatic code splitting, ensuring that only essential JavaScript loads for any page and promoting faster page loads.


Node is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that is open source. Developers can run JavaScript code on the server side using it. Traditionally, JavaScript was used primarily on the browser side (client side). With Node.js, JavaScript can also be used on the server side, bridging the gap between front-end and back-end development and allowing for more unified and efficient web application development.


MongoDB is a popular open-source, cross-platform NoSQL database system. It uses a document-oriented data model and is written in C++. Unlike conventional relational databases that store data in tables, MongoDB stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents with varied structures. This flexibility means that data can be stored in a way that aligns more naturally with how developers think and code their applications.


Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit developed by Google, designed for crafting natively compiled applications across mobile, web, and desktop from a singular codebase. Leveraging the Dart programming language, Flutter prioritizes performance, resulting in apps that run seamlessly and efficiently. While it provides a unified code foundation for both Android and iOS, Flutter ensures that the app performance remains optimal and the appearance adheres to platform-specific design principles.


Redis, which stands for “Remote Dictionary Server,” is an open-source, in-memory data structure store that you can employ as a database, cache, and message broker. It supports various data structures, including strings, hashes, sets, sorted sets with range queries, lists, bitmaps, and geospatial indexes with radius queries. It is known for its exceptional speed, making it ideal for tasks requiring fast data access. It serves a variety of use cases, from caching data to lessen database strain to managing sessions, message queues, and pub/sub operations.


AI or Artificial Intelligence simulates human intelligence, enabling machines to perform tasks that usually require human cognition, such as problem-solving, pattern recognition, and decision-making. Machine Learning (ML), a subset of AI, involves using algorithms that allow machines to improve their performance on a task through experience or by processing and learning from data.


After deeply understanding the client’s needs, we developed a web portal. Our portal is a practical solution to the problems faced by the client. So, let us focus on the solution one by one:

For AI-enabled Suggestions

Our portal provides AI-backed suggestions for candidates and employer that help candidates get the best job suggestions & employer get the best candidate for an opening. The level of matching in both cases helps make informed decisions for applying for the job & hiring.

For Gamification

There’s the linking of candidate data from the FutureSkills Prime portal to ‘Talent Connect’, which we created. The gamification enables candidates to apply for jobs based on their certification status. It works well as a motivation factor for candidates. Those certified by the FutureSkills Prime portal can apply to any number of jobs on Talent Connect.

For Training Partner Module

The training Partner module of our portal enables training partners across domains to upload bulk candidates on the portal and track their application and hiring process.

For Candidate portal

The portal allows candidates to search, filter, and apply for opportunities across the country per their preferences.

For Employer Portal

The portal finds and matches certified candidates best suited for their job openings.

For Candidate & job matching based on Govt standards

Talent Connect was built keeping in mind the Qualification Pack(QP) and National Occupational Standards(NOS) approved by NCVET & Govt of India.


Our web portal, Talent Connect, has effectively solved all the problems faced by our client, NASSCOM. Let’s take a look at the results in the last three months.

Number of Candidate

The web portal has seen 336184 applicants so far, which shows that the solution has successfully reached a wider talent pool.

Number of Employers

The number of employers on the portal is 200+, showing interest in recruiting candidates from the platform.

Number of Jobs Posted

So far, there are 500+ jobs posted on the platform, which seems to be a promising number that shows the portal can connect candidates to employers.

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Our Happy Customers

Pranav Brahmbhatt

Pranav Brahmbhatt

The solution has saved the partner's time and allows them to easily manage their database. Knovator Technologies is responsive and makes themself available for around-the-clock support. They're communicative, attentive to requirement details, and treat the partner with genuine, familial-like care.

Shailesh Chaudhari

Shailesh Chaudhari

Knovator delivered a functional platform that has garnered nearly 40,000 subscribers in just four months, which internal stakeholders note is particularly impressive for India. The team adhered to the budget and often outpaced time estimates. They provided daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

Natacha DE VADAS

Natacha DE VADAS

It was a pleasure to work with Knovator. They were hired to update my website and he did extensive research on the industry that I am in. He even took the persona of a prospective customer and asked questions that I had not thought of. Very refreshing. He is trustworthy and reliable does what he says he will do. Thanks to Upwork too, I have been looking for a Web Designer for months and could not find one that had the energy and enthusiasm for what my business.

Rushabh Sheth

Rushabh Sheth

We have been working with Knovator for the last one year and their team is extremely talented. They take ownership of the project and deliver on time. They maintain very good communication throughout and have a very collaborative approach to building new technology. We see them as an extension of our team and we are very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a talented and dedicated tech partner.

Mayank Soni

Mayank Soni

Knovator Technologies developed and delivered the project according to the client’s proposed timeline. They had a smooth workflow and utilized communication tools to improve contact. The team fulfilled all of the client’s expectations.

Priyanka Bisht

Priyanka Bisht

Senior Program Manager - NASSCOM

The job board delivery was spot-on in terms of timeline. The communication throughout the project was excellent. The team kept us informed at every step of the process, ensuring that we were always in the loop and aware of the progress being made.