Problem statement of the client

One of the top skilling and reskilling course providers in Indonesia had problems connecting their skilled and reskilled candidates with relevant industries for placement.

Collaboration With Industry
Establishing strong partnerships and collaborations with industry stakeholders is crucial for skilling platforms. However, the client found it challenging to bridge the gap between the skills taught on their platform and the actual requirements of employers.
Engaging And Retaining Learners
The client faced the challenge of maintaining learner interest and motivation to prevent increased dropout rates. They needed effective tech-based strategies to engage learners and ensure their continued participation.


We deployed our usual three-step process to understand the problems, identify suitable solutions, present mock-up designs, and deliver the project on time.

research - Knovator Technologies

After collaborating with the client, our team gained insights into their challenges, business model, and future objectives. Using this information, we conducted research on existing skilling and reskilling platforms, identifying the problems they encountered. This analysis guided us in developing appropriate solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

Upon grasping the requirements, our team developed several mock-ups of an employment-focused Learning Management System (LMS) platform. We presented them with a simplistic yet functional design layout aimed at resolving their existing issues. Our objective was to secure the client’s endorsement of the designs.

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Development and Launch

Our team designed and built an efficient Admin system that allows seamless management of users, customers, inventory, and transactions. Additionally, we developed a candidate interface, enabling direct access to employers, and an employer interface for posting vacancies and effectively tracking data.


We utilized cutting-edge technology and an unconventional approach to build a platform that fulfills all client requirements. Each aspect of the platform was developed using the most suitable tech-stack.


We developed a comprehensive solution to help place skilled and reskilled candidates with relevant industries. The solution was also designed to streamline the application and hiring process for employers and candidates while providing the client with a centralized system to manage all data.

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Orbit Jobs 2 - Knovator Technologies
For Admin Management System

We created an Admin system that enables the client to efficiently manage platform users, customers, inventory, and transactions. This centralized system effectively tracks and organizes data, streamlining the client's operations and enhancing their overall efficiency.

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Orbit Jobs 5 - Knovator Technologies
For Candidate Dashboard

Our platform offers candidates a user-friendly experience, allowing them to easily filter job opportunities based on industry, location, qualification, and experience. Moreover, it provides a direct communication channel for candidates to reach out to employers, simplifying the interview scheduling process and enhancing the overall efficiency of the job search experience.

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For Employer Management System

Our platform facilitates fast and efficient job vacancy postings and candidate matching for employers. It empowers employers to effortlessly track candidate records, interviews, and job postings, offering the flexibility to mark jobs as active or inactive. With additional features and functionalities, our platform enhances the overall hiring process for employers.


Our dedicated team created an all-inclusive solution to tackle the challenges faced by the client. We created a wide array of features aimed at streamlining the hiring process, boosting student engagement, and elevating the brand’s reputation.
Robust Platform With A Thriving Community
Our platform boasts a strong and active community, comprising 9,769 talented candidates and supported by 529 dedicated employees. This vibrant ecosystem provides our clients with a vast pool of potential candidates and enables them to facilitating successful job matches and fostering growth.
Wide Range Of Opportunities In 10 Categories
With over 4,083 job postings across 10 diverse categories, our platform offers a comprehensive array of opportunities for both job seekers and employers. This extensive selection ensures that employers can find candidates or positions tailored to their specific industry needs, enhancing the chances of successful matches.
Efficient Shortlisting Process For Optimal Results
Streamlining the hiring process, the client has already shortlisted 109 and hired 50 candidates from a pool of 4138 applicants. Our meticulous screening and evaluation features enabled the client to identify top talent and present the employers with highly qualified individuals who are most likely to meet their requirements, saving valuable time and resources.