Problem statement of the client

The client’s business was growing, and managing his clients without gym management software took a lot of work. The knew that a sound system could help their business reputation. They sought our help to address the following concerns

Unorganized Operations
The client used spreadsheets and google forms to manage information about thheir clients’ fitness plans and goals. However, tracking their progress and accessing basic information like phone numbers and initialisation dates became a challenge with a growing client base.
Labour-Intensive Process
Managing customer growth in the fitness business required personally sending out bi-monthly feedback questionnaires to track progress. Additionally, having 250 clients with unique fitness needs, made studying them in detail and providing customized fitness plans nearly impossible, thus hampering scalability.
Company communication
The cllient needed a communication system with timely feedback to ensure customer success and maintain a good client rapport. However, relying solely on emails to manage client data, including progress, measurements, initialization date, and goals proved to be ineffective.


Our three step process allowed us to understand te problems, identify suitable solutions, present mock-up designs, and deliver the project way before time.

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Our team brainstormed with the cient to comprehend their challenges, business model, and future goals. We then used the procured data to research other health and fitness solutions with similar brand positioning. We also created a list of all the problems being faced by the competitors to come up with suitable solutions.

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After understanding the requirements, our team created mock-ups of possible gym management software and a personal trainer app. We provided them with a basic but functional design layout to address and solve their current problems. The idea was to get te client’s approval on the designs.

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Development and Launch

As the final step, we developed a custom-tailored gym management software wit simplified gym membership process, online coaching capabilities, and an app for personal trainers. This enabled their customers to easily communicate with them, receive automatic emails and reports, and track their progress in one convenient platform.


We deployed state-of-the-art tech and a completely unorthodox approac to create a platform catering to all the requirements of the client. Each aspect of the platform was developed by embedding the most suitable tech-stack.


Our team has developed a comprehensive solution to address the client’s gym business’s challenges. We have designed and developed an advanced gym management software that offers a range of features to streamline the gym membership process, engage customers and enhance the overall brand value. Here are the key features of our solution

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For Auto-Fill-Up
Our gym management software comes equipped with an auto form-filling feature that saves time and eliminates errors in data entry. This ensures a seamless experience for both the client as well as the trainers.
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For Ecommerce website

We designed a user-friendly ecommerce website to enhance the brand value of the client’s gym business. The website has an easy checkout process, making it convenient for the end customers to purchase gym memberships and fitness products.

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For Gym Management Software

Our gym management software is loaded with comprehensive tools for client database management and customer engagement making it ideal for scalability. We’ve also integrated it with built-in reporting module to ease out the hassle of the trainers.

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For System Pause Privilege

Our gym management software comes with a system pause privilege feature that allows clients to temporarily pause their membership during times of travel or unforeseen circumstances. This works in favor of the end customers providing a great experience.

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For e-Book Management Privileges

Our gym management software provides e-book management privileges, which allow trainers to upload their own E-books and training manuals for the end customers. This also helps the end customers to readily access the documents.

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For Email Automation

Our gym management software has an email automation feature that sends automatic emails to clients for reminders, follow-ups, and upcoming classes. This allows the client to focus on expanding their business manifolds.

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For Auto Bill Generation

Our gym management software generates automatic client bills, saving time and eliminating any kind of human intervention required in generating new bills. It also reduces the scope of errors as compared to that of manually generated bills.


Over 30x Growth In Client Base
The ability to manage client data, collect feedback and have a smooth communication enabled the client to increase their customer base from a mere 100 active users to a staggering 3,118 active users within a short span of launching this platform.
Over ₹56,70,000 Earned In Revenue
The auto bil generation feature of ourl gym management software helped the client to grow their business manifolds. They managed to clock a reveue worth more than fifty six lakh rupees overall with their highest monthl revenue rossing at ₹ 4,25,000.