Custom Job Board Software for Schools & Universities

Knovator’s job hiring platform is a centralized software to connect students and alumni to career opportunities and improve their path to fulfilling careers.

How does Job Board for Schools and Academics Work?

Manage a job board for your university/academic institution
Manage a job board for your university/academic institution

University and school job board applications foster meaningful career advancements for students. What better than leveraging your alumni network for job opportunities!

Enable employers to tap into your student network
Enable employers to tap into your student network

Employers can post jobs on your custom job board platform developed by Knovator and hire fresh talent from your institution. A great branding opportunity for your academic institute.

View and monitor key statistics
View and monitor key statistics

Live reporting data from your job board portal can help you track the number of applications, the number of jobs filled and increase your sponsorship revenue.

How much you can earn

Average job price
Revenue processed
Average time to profitability
2 mo
Average job to profitability
2.2 Jobs
Estimate what you could make with knovator
$ per month

Online job board software allows universities and academics to own their data

Support your students
Support your students

The job board app connects students and alumni with employers who are hiring for their skill-sets. Candidates can apply right from their mobile phones. Accessing the right jobs becomes easy with Knovator’s white-label job board software.

Build relationships with employers
Build relationships with employers

Help employers hire freshers and trainees from your custom job board. The hiring tools you provide help companies hire rapidly and efficiently. Generate new revenue streams by charging to post jobs, featured listings and profiles and access to passive applicants.

Easy integration
Easy integration

Single-step sign-in makes it easy for students who are applying through your job board software. You can restrict job content access to registered users and provide exclusive access. Post internal jobs at your school or university.

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