Job Board Software for Newspapers

Boost your revenue potential by engaging readers. Knovator’s job board application improves conversions and streamlines the candidate’s experience.

How does Job Board for Publisher and Newspaper Work?

Companies can post jobs
Companies can post jobs

Posting a job on your newspaper website does not have to be a tedious task. Our job board integration enables companies to post jobs in less than 10 minutes.

Candidates can apply with a single click
Candidates can apply with a single click

Readers from your website who are interested in applying can do so right from within your job board software, reducing friction and improving the application rate.

You can view analytics
You can view analytics

To get the maximum ROI, view the analytics, gauge the response from candidates and boost your sponsorship earnings.

How much can you earn with Knovator’s job board software?

Average job price
Revenue processed
Average time to profitability
2 mo
Average job to profitability
2.2 Jobs
Estimate what you could make with knovator
$ per month

Balance advertising revenue goals with serving relevant content to your readership

Publish jobs from employers looking to hire
Publish jobs from employers looking to hire

Native advertising content on your job board platform helps readers and advertisers connect with advanced job search. Job ads from companies who are seeking qualified candidates among your readers bring value to your existing audiences.

Sell featured job posts and job listings
Sell featured job posts and job listings

Monetize the traffic on your site through pay-per-click job feeds and third-party ad publishing. Custom job boards serve as a great platform for recruitment advertising sales. Employers can search your database for passive job seekers.

Showcase advertisers and sponsors
Showcase advertisers and sponsors

Boost the traffic to your newspaper and website by showcasing relevant content to candidates. Highlight advertisers, sponsors and add promotion of job content to your revenue stream.

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