Problem statement of the client

The client’s WordPress website couldn’t handle the growing customer base, causing frequent crashes. They contacted us for a revamp to ensure smooth browsing and a user-friendly experience.

Limited Visibility
Client faced challenges due to its limited business visibility, which resulted in difficulty in tracking sales, inventory, and orders. As a result, they cannot identify potential growth opportunities and make informed business decisions.
Inefficiency credit management
The client wanted to improve the efficient management of its client credit policy, which affected its cash flow and led to delayed payments. This strains their financial resources and affects their ability to invest in their business’s growth.


With years of experience designing and developing ecommerce websites, our IT experts know the steps to follow to meet client’s requirements. Below is our 3-step plan to help solve the client’s problem:

research - Knovator Technologies

By comprehending their needs and business model, our team conducted thorough research on how the existing users interacted with the website, determining the flow from one page to another and identifying the amount of time spent on each page. Additionally, we analyzed their competitors’ ecommerce platforms and researched various industry leaders to improve their websites.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

We collaborated with the client to create mock-up designs and blueprints for their new e-commerce website, taking their feedback and ideas into account to ensure the final product met their expectations and reflected their brand image.

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Development and Launch

Finally, our technical specialists utilized PHP and Laravel frameworks to construct the e-commerce website, ensuring the delivery of a fast and high-quality website capable of handling over a thousand users per minute.


We used advanced tech and tools to craft a dynamic website for the client. We aimed to deliver a seamless user experience with powerful functionality and an engaging interface. Our expertise and innovative approach led us to surpass client expectations and boost their business success.


We rebuilt their ecommerce website and rebranded the entire look and feel to emphasize their brand strengths. Our critical solutions for the client include:

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For Admin

We developed an intuitive category management system, allowing efficient product management. Our dynamic inventory system tracked stock levels accurately. With a streamlined order and delivery management system, our client experienced seamless operations. Additionally, our SEO-friendly website enhanced online visibility.

texttiles user 1 - Knovator Technologies
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For Users
Our e-commerce platform offered a user-friendly experience with easy navigation, detailed product pages, and a review system for customer feedback. Secure payment integration ensured smooth transactions, while our efficient order management system ensured hassle-free delivery.


With exceptional performance and remarkable growth, our client’s e-commerce venture has achieved outstanding results. Here’s a snapshot of their success:

Order Value:
The total value of all orders processed through the client’s e-commerce website amounted to an impressive 1.32 Crore, highlighting the success and profitability of their online business.
Order Count:
With a total of 286 orders placed through the website, it showcases the strong customer demand and engagement the client has achieved.
Total Customers:
The client’s e-commerce platform attracted 242 unique customers, indicating a wide customer base and successful marketing efforts.
No. of Products:
The website featured an extensive range of 230 unique products, offering customers a diverse selection to choose from.
Minimum Order Value:
Customers were able to place orders with a minimum value of 340 Rs, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all shoppers.
Maximum Order Value:
The client experienced significant transactions, with the highest order value reaching an impressive 3,67,000 Rs, demonstrating the potential for substantial sales.