Problem statement of the client

Client faced challenges in assurer reliability and property data management. We provided effective solutions.

Assurer Network
Client needed to provide a platform where house owners could quickly request the services of reliable assurers to assess and assure their properties. We developed a robust system to manage these requests and ensure the assurers were qualified and trustworthy.
Automated Reporting
The client wanted assurers to be able to add data to the application, which would then be used to generate comprehensive property reports. We created a system that automatically processed the data and generated reports without any manual intervention.
Property Tracking
Additionally, the client required a system to track and aggregate property data, providing board members with a clear view of all properties and their valuations. We developed a solution to effectively manage and track property information across the board.


We followed a three-step process to develop the client application:

research - Knovator Technologies

The development team conducted extensive research to understand the client’s requirements and expectations fully. This step ensured the application was tailored to the client’s needs.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

Based on the research, the team created detailed application mock-ups to provide a clear picture of the final product. These mock-ups were reviewed and approved by the client before proceeding to development.

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The development team used the React framework for the front-end and Node.js for the back-end development. The application was thoroughly tested to ensure it met the client’s requirements and was error-free before launching. The team worked closely with the client throughout development to ensure the final product met their expectations.


We used advanced tech and tools to craft a dynamic website for the client. We aimed to deliver a seamless user experience with powerful functionality and an engaging interface. Our expertise and innovative approach led us to surpass client expectations and boost their business success.


We delved into the client’s challenges, comprehending their pain points inside out. Leveraging our expertise, we tailored a solution that perfectly fit their needs. Our solution was packed with powerful features, streamlining their operations and delivering outstanding results effortlessly.

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For Admin

Client had complete control over their property management tasks with our user-friendly interface. The client’s properties, users, assurers, and board members were effortlessly managed in one place. Our comprehensive system empowered the client to easily handle property attributes, checklist management, invoice handling, and order management. We made our client’s life easier and more organized.

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For User

Our client had the convenience of requesting an assurer for their house with just a few clicks. They could connect with reliable assurers and thoroughly assess their credentials, reviews, and ratings to find the perfect match. Our simplified process brought them peace of mind, assuring the safety of their property.

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For Board

Client’s board members were empowered with a seamless property management solution. They effortlessly uploaded property data and accessed our advanced report generation system. They stayed informed about property valuations and made well-informed decisions based on comprehensive reports. We streamlined operations and improved decision-making for our client’s community.

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For Assurer

Client efficiently handled user requests and collected payments hassle-free. Client had the flexibility to quickly accept or decline requests and securely collect payments through our integrated application. Client could generate detailed reports based on the admin's depreciation model. We streamlined our client’s workflow, allowing our client to focus on providing top-notch property assurance services.


After we implemented the solutions, the client application was able to achieve the following results:
Streamlined Property Management:
Through our implementation, the client’s application seamlessly managed 36 properties. Property owners experienced enhanced efficiency and convenience as they easily accessed and utilized the platform’s intuitive features, effectively managing their properties with ease.
Efficient Handling of Numerous Buildings:
The application successfully handled a substantial number of 8000 buildings, showcasing its capabilities. Our solution enabled efficient tracking, organization, and maintenance of the extensive property portfolio, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing administrative challenges.
Assurer Adoption and Collaboration:
We facilitated collaboration between the platform and 2 assurers, demonstrating the successful adoption of our solution. Assurers embraced the application, recognizing its value in delivering their services effectively and efficiently. This collaboration further strengthened the client’s network, expanding their pool of trusted professionals.