Revolutionizing Healthcare With Remote Patient Monitoring Devices And Secure Video Visits
30 September, 2023

The healthcare industry has seen an unprecedented shift towards remote healthcare solutions, mainly due to the COVID-19 outspread. The client wanted to leverage this by developing an efficient healthcare solution to offer patients the convenience of seeking remote consultations from physicians.

Revolutionizing Patient Care: Journey to Digital Transformation with Knovator
28 September, 2023

This case study outlines how Knovator helped the client reduce the time and cost of frequent visits for essential medical services among elderly patients. By implementing an electronic health record (EHR) integration system, patients and doctors could manage medical histories more efficiently.

Robust Healthcare Mobile App Development for Managing Patients’ Needs
05 September, 2023

Our healthcare mobile application helps manage patient needs seamlessly by allowing them to book appointments, schedule follow-ups, and even have virtual consultations with their doctors.

Streamlining Business Processes for Multi-Location Clinics with a Comprehensive Online Solution
28 April, 2023

A multi-location chiropractic clinic sought an online solution to streamline their operations. We developed a comprehensive solution. This case study highlights the problem, our solution, and the development process.

Transforming the Landscape of Medical Event Management with Innovation
27 April, 2023

A leading company in medical event management approached us with challenges in offline management, audience engagement, and networking. We developed an innovative digital solution to address these issues.