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A Complete Guide to Integration of Telemedicine Software with EHR/EMR software: Benefits, Features and More

Remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and care have recently gained momentum. A study shows that 84% of patients will c...

14 Mar 2022

Top 4 Factors To Consider For A Successful And Secure EHR Integration

Healthcare professional community struggles with maintaining patient records, prescriptions, appointments, medicin...

Why and How is the GPDC Model changing to the ACO REACH Model?

To fulfill the commitment of the Biden-Harris Administration to improve the quality of care that people receive, includi...

Why should you outsource your telehealth app development?

Outsourcing is a contract that is offered by one company to another company to take responsibility for any planned or ex...

01 Feb 2022

Key benefits of mhealth app for your healthcare business

With the digitalization of medicine and healthcare facilities, telemedicine and healthcare mobile apps are building grea...

27 Jan 2022

How to successfully launch a mhealth app in 2022?

Entrepreneurs are getting smart these days, which is necessary to succeed in their field-being an entrepreneur, you need...

25 Jan 2022