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Healthians to raise $54 million capital and how can you build a healthcare eCommerce platform

As per Inc42, the Indian healthcare market is predicted to reach $21 billion by 2025. The preventive healthcare is estim...

06 Jan 2022

What are the Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring?

The adoption of remote patient monitoring (RPM) has accelerated because of the covid – 19 pandemic. There is a dra...

03 Jan 2022

Best ideas to start the new telehealth business in 2022

The use of telehealth is skyrocketing since 2020. Do you have any idea how much? According to Health Affairs Journal, as...

29 Dec 2021

A Complete Guide on How To Launch Your Telehealth Startup Successfully in 2022

Countries around the globe are passing through the phase of challenges and opportunities in different sectors of the hea...

03 Dec 2021

How to Build Your HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Startup?

Today society is suffering from some burning issues in healthcare. What all we need is accessible, efficient, and afford...

03 Dec 2021

How is Remote Patient Monitoring Startup Quro Upgrading the South African Healthcare Industry?

A South Africa based Quro Medical is a digital health startup that uses artificial intelligence and technology to offer ...

03 Dec 2021