Problem statement of client

Their textile manufacturing plant has more than 50 machines working with over 5000 threads of varied colours and materials. This huge mix of raw materials and orders became difficult to handle with increasing demand as there was no proper method for accountability. They could not use any normal off the shelf stock management software because of the variants associated with a textile industry.


They needed a custom ERP system that would improve their manufacturing process efficiency, manage data and stock centrally and organise the entire end-to-end operations. Our ERP developers used the below 3 step methodology to achieve their goals:




Our team visits their manufacturing plant to understand the entire workflow, raw materials and finished goods. This helped to understand the complexity of the project and think of ideas and solutions accordingly.




After understanding how all the departments and intra-departments function, our enterprise application development team were able to fixate on and create mock-ups of a few design layouts.


Development and Launch

Development and Launch

A custom ERP system was designed and built which incorporated excellent features particularly needed in the textile industry. This software could be used for multiple functions including thread management, stock management, client database management, and sales management.


This resource planning system was developed after a detailed study on the client’s requirements to improvise their manufacturing efficiency and reduce manual work. Here is a glimpse of the solutions we provided through this custom ERP solution:

Thread management system
Manufacturing of the fabrics involves tons of logic and calculations, such as how much thread or what kind of thread will be required. We have integrated such thread management logic and calculations with our ERP solution. Now the designers are able to save a thread recipe, alter it or use it multiple times hassle-free. Designers are also able to add photos for each fabric design to make their work easier and faster.
Stock management system
With the ERP system, users can check the quantities of threads used per order and how many resources are available to make one order. Stocks are auto-calculated. It allows them to generate a purchase order if the raw material is not in stock to complete the order. They could analyse their demand and supply and take or place orders immediately. They could track their most used materials, threads, designs etc.
Orders and Accounts management system
Once the designers enter their design and thread recipe as per the sales order, a manufacturing order invoice is auto-generated and calculates the metres required. It has the code, colour, width and details of the thread that helps manufacturing floor workers know what to use zero error. Simultaneously an accounting receipt is generated to send to the client. It ensures an end-to-end automated workflow enhancing their efficiency.
Delivery management system
Our ERP system also allows them to schedule whole delivery or partial delivery so that all the employees could be aware of the deadlines and dispatch dates. We have also added a feature for material wastage. Every time when designers see the material wastage, they will get an automatic pop up. It is to remind them to schedule the delivery of wastage when there are any clients to deliver the waste material.
Apart from seamless workflow with the ERP solution, they benefit a lot from the reporting feature. They get reports at all levels of the manufacturing process. It helps them track the number of orders received daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, star customers, most and least used threads, last used dates of threads etc. These reports on customers and threads help to build marketing and business strategies enormously.


Increase in

They were able to improve their manufacturing efficiency by 25%.

Reduction in
dead Inventory

They can now identify dead inventory, plan to get rid of it sooner to get rotational cash flow.

They are able to view all business operations from a single dashboard, foresee sales orders and make strategic decisions without investing extra time and efforts.

There were zero errors in manufacturing due to elaborate reporting and easier thread recipe and design methods in the ERP system.


pranav - Knovator Technologies
The solution has saved the partner's time and allows them to easily manage their database. Knovator Technologies is responsive and makes themself available for around-the-clock support. They're communicative, attentive to requirement details, and treat the partner with genuine, familial-like care.
Pranav Brahmbhatt
Management Consultant
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Knovator delivered a functional platform that has garnered nearly 40,000 subscribers in just four months, which internal stakeholders note is particularly impressive for India. The team adhered to the budget and often outpaced time estimates. They provided daily, weekly, and monthly plans.
Shailesh Chaudhari
Center Head - ICE GATE Institute
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It was a pleasure to work with Pankit. He was hired to update my webiste and he did extensive research on the industry that I am in. He even took the persona of a prospective customer and asked questions that I had not thought of. Very refreshing. He is trustworthy and reliable does what he says he will do. Thanks to Upwork too, I have been looking for a webdesigner for months and could not find one that had the energy and enthusiasm for what my business.
Natacha DE VADAS
CEO - NDV Advisers
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We have been working with Knovator for the last one year and their team is extremely talented. They take ownership of the project and deliver on time. They maintain very good communication throughout and have a very collaborative approach to building new technology. We see them as an extension of our team and we are very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a talented and dedicated tech partner.
Rushabh Sheth
CEO, Docsumo
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Knovator Technologies developed and delivered the project according to the client's proposed timeline. They had a smooth workflow and utilized communication tools to improve contact. The team fulfilled all of the client's expectations.
Mayank Soni
Co-Founder & CEO, Lobsbelo LLP