Tatkal jobs case study: Recruitment Platform for Tatkal Jobs

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Tatkal jobs approached us in the initial period of their journey to success. They realised that their operations were causing hindrances in reaching their maximum potential and needed to take their business online to improve their workflow and eliminate the below problems:

Disorganized o’perations

They found it difficult to execute the recruitment operations without proper candidate database management or interview tracker system.

Labour intensive process

Not only were fewer candidates getting hired through them, but it was also a very labour intensive backend process. They used excel spreadsheets to manage candidates’ interview process and had no software to store the essential data. This caused confusion and chaos to track candidate progress.

Company communication

Their main area of pain was how to forward candidate resumes to their clients without giving candidates contact details, otherwise, they would lose business. They had to manually remove contact details from each resume, hence, they needed an effective way to share candidates with their clients.


Our detailed 3 step methodology helped solve all of Tatkal jobs problems:


Our team met with Tatkal Jobs to thoroughly understand their problem and business model. After which intense research on existing solutions or competitors including Recruitx, TalentNow etc. was conducted. Their requirement was elaborately analysed and brainstormed.


This led our design and development team to create mock-ups of the possible solutions. We gave them a basic designing layout which would address and eliminate their current problems.

Development and Launch

Amazing features were designed and developed to make their recruitment software efficient and easy to use. These would allow candidates to easily search and apply for jobs, and the admin panel to also easily filter and email relevant candidates to companies through a seamless automated step-by-step recruitment flow.


We built their website keeping in mind both the stakeholders – candidates and operators at Tatkal jobs. After understanding their problems and thorough market research, we came up with beautifully designed and structured solutions that were incorporated to make their website efficient and effective for both the stakeholders:

1. Candidate Website

A. Job Search

Candidates can search and apply for jobs hassle-free. They can use various search filters including skills and location to narrow their job search and apply using one click. The website is made mobile friendly to allow candidates easy access to information even when they are on the move.

B. Resume and Profile Management

Since all the candidate details are systematically stored, candidates can log in to their accounts to edit their details whenever needed. This ensured that all the details were accurate and up-to-date on the website.

2. Admin Website

A. Requirement/Job Management

The website was designed to make posting jobs extremely simple, which helped Tatkal jobs attract qualified applicants. It became easier to track how many candidates were in process for how many roles. Instant and automated email notification mechanism improved communication between Tatkal jobs and candidates.

B. Candidate Database Management

Operators now have easy access to resumes and all data on candidates stored systematically on the recruitment software. It became easier to search and filter for candidates based on skills and other Boolean searches. They can analyse the number of candidate sign ups, or candidates in the interview process and hired candidates. This eliminates the need for manual calculations, and reports can be generated automatically.

C. Application Tracking System

Backend operators at Tatkal jobs can now organise applicants details, interview progress and much more via the applicant tracking system. There was no need for maintaining separate excel spreadsheets or emailing individual resumes to different companies. With this recruitment software, operators can keep track of each candidate and get detailed information on his/her interview stages with one or more companies. Additionally, the ATS allowed automating follow up emails before or after interviews to be sent with one click. Operators can also set reminders to remind them to follow up with candidates as and when needed.  

D. Synopsis

Special features like ‘synopsis’ allowed backend operators to simply email all relevant candidates details and resumes to the companies with a single click. Operators can search for the relevant candidates on the portal, select them, and send them to their clients without having to manually type data on email and attach resumes. This feature would automatically pick up on candidate data including years of experience, current CTC, current company etc and generate emails.

Another amazing feature was to automatically replace the candidates’ contact details with contact details of Tatkal jobs in all the resumes that were uploaded. This saved their teams’ lots of time and effort that they used in manually editing all resumes before sending them to the companies. 

E. Reporting

We came up with a solution to manage the entire recruitment flow through the website with automatized processes and reports. This reporting system helped Tatkal jobs in the many ways including:

  • Managers can get reports on their teams’ performance, they can check on how many candidates each operator is processing and how effectively are companies hiring
  • Tatkal jobs can track their company-wise progress involving sign up to hire ratio, or interview timeline and candidates status updates
  • With all the data stored centrally, it gives them a birds-eye view on how their workflow is functioning, so they can improvise or identify any loopholes in the process.
  • Reporting made everyone accountable, hence the overall work efficiency increased.


The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our


Recruiters at Tatkal jobs could do the same tasks of sending candidates to their clients in 40% fewer efforts.


This reduction in manual work resulted in increased efficiency by more than 50%.

Attractive website design

Attractive website design and ease of use increased new traffic and new candidates to sign up with Tatkal jobs


This led to at least a 30% growth in revenue due to increased traffic on their website and a higher number of candidates getting hired through Tatkal jobs.

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We have a unique story with each client. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam.

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