Problem statement of the client

SnapCrack, a chiropractic clinic with multiple locations, faces challenges in managing its online business processes. They require a solution that efficiently manages patient data, clinic locations, appointment scheduling, and patient subscriptions. The following factors explain the challenges they are facing

Business process management
client faced challenges in managing their business processes at multiple locations. We developed an online solution that streamlined their operations, ensuring efficient management across all locations.
Patient data management
Managing patient data was a priority for the client. Our system provided a comprehensive solution to organize and securely store patient information, including personal details, medical history, and treatment progress.
Clinic location management
Client needed a system to manage their various clinic locations effectively. Our solution simplified location management by centralizing address details and contact information and facilitating seamless communication between clinics.
Appointment scheduling
Efficiently managing patient appointments was crucial for the client. Our system offered a user-friendly interface for scheduling appointments, ensuring smooth and organized appointment management.
Patient subscription management
The client required a system to handle patient subscriptions seamlessly. Our solution enabled them to manage subscription details such as pricing, duration, and renewal options, streamlining the subscription management process.


To build the custom online platform for client, Knovator followed a three-step process:

research - Knovator Technologies

The Knovator team conducted extensive research on chiropractic care management and online solutions to ensure that the final product would be effective.

mockups - Knovator Technologies

Knovator worked with the client to create mockups of the online solution that would meet their needs.

lunch - Knovator Technologies

Knovator launched the online platform for client’s use after developing and testing the solution.

Technologies Involved

We employed cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art tools to create a dynamic software solution for our client. We aimed to provide a user-friendly experience with robust features and an interactive interface. Leveraging our expertise and innovative approach, we exceeded the client’s expectations and propelled their business to new heights of success.


Our experts provided the client with a comprehensive solution, building a customized online platform that addressed their challenges in managing business processes, patient data, clinic locations, appointment scheduling, and patient subscriptions. Our solution revolutionized client’s operations, ensuring efficiency and an exceptional experience for patients and staff.

Snapcrack ss 1 - Knovator Technologies
Snapcrack ss 2 - Knovator Technologies
For Patient data management
The implemented system effectively stored and managed comprehensive patient information, including personal details, medical history, and treatment plans. This enabled healthcare providers to access and update patient records securely, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for optimal care delivery.
Snapcrack ss 3 - Knovator Technologies
For Clinic location management
The system incorporated a robust database that contained detailed information about the multiple clinics operated by the client. It included essential data such as addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours, facilitating efficient management of clinic locations and enhancing accessibility for patients seeking chiropractic services.
Snapcrack ss 4 - Knovator Technologies
For Patient queue management
With the system's advanced queue management capabilities, patients were able to join a virtual queue and receive real-time updates on their estimated wait times. This streamlined the patient flow, reduced waiting periods, and improved overall patient satisfaction.
Snapcrack ss 5 - Knovator Technologies
For Appointment scheduling
The implemented system offered a user-friendly interface for patients to schedule appointments conveniently. It provided a comprehensive view of their upcoming appointments and offered flexible options for rescheduling or canceling appointments. Automated reminders via email or SMS ensured that patients were informed and prepared for their scheduled visits.
Snapcrack ss 6 - Knovator Technologies
For Patient Subscription management
The system introduced a seamless process for patients to subscribe to the client's various chiropractic services. It allowed them to choose from different subscription plans, providing pricing details, duration options, and easy renewal processes. This enhanced patient experience and provided convenient access to ongoing chiropractic care.
Snapcrack ss 7 - Knovator Technologies
For Patient chart management for the chiropractic practitioner
The system empowered chiropractors with a comprehensive platform to manage patient charts effectively. It facilitated the documentation of treatments, progress tracking, and note recording, ensuring accurate and organized patient records. This enabled chiropractic practitioners to deliver personalized care and make informed decisions based on historical data and treatment outcomes.