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Problem statement of client

As David’s business grew, it was becoming more and more challenging to manage his clients without gym management software. He realised that coordinating with clients without a proper system in place would start damaging his brand name. He reached us to solve the following problems:

Disorganized o’perations

He used to manage all client data about their fitness plans and goals on spreadsheets and google forms. It was becoming difficult to track the progress of individual clients as their numbers were increasing. Even getting access to simple client data like their cell numbers or start date of their fitness journey was time-consuming and unsystematic.

Labour intensive process

To track client growth in their fitness journeys, he had to send out bi-monthly feedback questionnaires. Emailing one by one was time consuming, tedious and had a scope of error. Also, each of the 250 clients had unique needs which had to be studied in detail and accordingly given out fitness plans. He realised that this process could obstruct him from growing to an unlimited number of clients.

Company communication

David needed timely feedback and communication with his clients to build a good rapport and to ensure customer success. It was difficult for him to manage all the client data including their progress, measurements, start date, and goals, using only emails as the primary data collection method.  

Brand visibility

With increasing customer satisfaction and word of mouth, David did get more inquiries but it wasn’t always easy to convert leads into customers without a proper website or


Our detailed 3 step methodology helped solve all of David’s problems:


After meeting with David to thoroughly understand his problems, business model and future plans, our team brainstormed on the possible e-commerce solutions. Intense research on existing solutions or competitors was executed. His requirement was elaborately analysed and understood by our team.


The next step was to create mock-ups of the possible IT solutions to deliver the perfect gym management software and an app for personal trainers. We gave him a basic designing layout which would address and eliminate his current problems.

Development and Launch

Apart from an e-commerce website, we also designed and developed a custom gym management software that would help him with the entire gym membership process, online coaching and an app for personal trainers. His clients would be able to reach out to him as and when needed, automatic emails and reports would go out, and client progress could be tracked seamlessly all through the one software.


Expert IT solutions were provided to him to ensure his business operations ran smoothly to gain maximum growth and customer delight. We built the e-commerce website and customised gym management software keeping in mind both David and his clients. These custom solutions included:

1. Ecommerce website


A. Brand value

Users could easily sign up, get information about fitness packs or online coaching through the new website. The website helped build trust among their customers which led to higher conversions.

B. Easy checkouts

Customers were able to browse and buy a package of their choice, they could also create a plan online by putting their desired outcomes instead of having to coordinate on calls or emails.


2. Gym management software

A. Client database management

Clients had to fill a sign-up form which had all the details including medical history, lifestyle habits, current weight, body measurements and future goals. This initial assessment helped David to gather and store data at a centralised location. Customers could manage their accounts to track their own progress or pause their plan mid-way if needed. Whereas, the team at David Costa could see and track the users, their purchases, timeline and all other necessary details.

B. Customer engagement

The gym management software allowed David’s team to improve their customer engagement through automatically generated emails on birthdays, festivals, or with updates on new products or discounts. Customers were automatically sent questionnaires every 14 days to get details on their fitness journey. This speeded up the entire workflow from receiving feedback to calculating their progress through weight and body measurements, to sending them adjustments in their training schedules. Manual work decreased, and both David and his customers could easily track and measure the effectiveness of any program.

C. Reporting

The gym management software increased work efficiency for David in many ways. They could reach out to a higher number of clients without increasing any manual work. The automated reporting includes:

  • David can get reports on his company’s progress, he can check on how many new clients sign up each month or how many fitness packs were sold. He could also see his customers progress or the effectiveness of his products through the gym management software.
  • With all the data stored centrally, it gives him a birds-eye view on how their workflow is functioning, so they can improvise or identify any loopholes in the process.
  • Reporting made everyone accountable, hence the business model got more success through higher conversions, and overall work efficiency increased.


  • The team at David Costa could do the same tasks of sending training schedules via emails to their clients in 40% lesser efforts.
  • This reduction in manual work resulted in increased efficiency by more than 50%.
  • Attractive e-commerce website design and ease of use of the fitness app increased new traffic and new customers to sign up with David
  • This led to at least a 40% growth in revenue as his clients increased to 500 from 250 in only a few months

Technologies We Used



Front End

Back End

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